Rompetrol Well Services (RWS) is one of the leading companies on the specific market segment in Romania. With an experience of over 70 years, RWS offers a wide range of specialized services for the oil and natural gas wells that include cementing, sand control, stimulation, slickline, nitrogen services, tubular running and tools rental.

Services are provided to oil and gas operators and drilling contractors, focusing on cementing, that represents more than 50% of company’s turnover. Over the last years, the company provided its services to over 40 oil companies and drilling contractors in Romania, Eastern Europe, Kazakhstan, Iraq, Jordan and Turkey.

RWS provides the technical support and supervises all the on-going jobs for its operations in Europe and Central Asia. The Operating Bases are fully equipped and permanently staffed with high experienced personnel, trained by European specialists.

Major Achievements

High perfomance cementing jobs performed in the last 5 years


1. Turburea 4900 m 140 ℃
2. Târgu Jiu 5700 m 170 ℃
3. Moinești - Feteasca 4965 m 125 ℃
4. Pitești 5580 m 165 ℃
5. Timișoara 4245 m 180 ℃
România 1050 5700 m 144 ℃
Bulgaria 5 5887 m 175 ℃
Iraq 4 3500 m 122 ℃
Ucraina 3 5148 m 109 ℃
Kazakhstan 96 3600 m 135 ℃

Quality Assurance

The process performances are permanently measured and monitored. The obtained data are being used for the processes and the system's continuous improvement.

The company is constantly investing in modernization programs in order to improve cementing, stimulation and tubular running service and the development and implementation of a new data acquisition system and simulation software for the acidizing services.

Rompetrol Well Services implemented and maintained an integrated management system according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 requirements for quality assurance, environmental protection and HSE.


RWS is looking forward to new business opportunities deriving from the consolidation of its position in the Central and Eastern Europe.

RWS aims to continue its development on traditional markets by modernizing its operational technologies.

The company prepares to enter an extensive program of development, designed for the next five years, targeting business development in large demand area.